Apr 06, 2020

Democratic City Committee Meeting

March 05, 2020
Meetings & Notices

NOTICE is hereby given that the North Adams Democratic City Committee, in accordance with the instructions of the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee, shall call to order a Caucus for Ward 4 in the City of North Adams, to elect Delegates to the 2020 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention:

Thursday, March 5, 2020, at 6 p.m.
UNO Community Center 157 River Street, North Adams

(n.b. See the separate notification for Wards 1, 2, 3 and 5.)

By order: Benjamin Lamb, Ward 4 Chair


(a) Information concerning the 2020 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention with special emphasis upon the responsibilities of Delegates who will attend.
(b) Discussion of “Affirmative Action and Outreach” as outlined in the Party Charter and Statewide Affirmative Action and Outreach Plan. The Chair shall also inform the participants that any candidate who is not elected as a delegate by the caucus and is a person with disabilities, minority or youth, is eligible to apply to the Democratic State Committee for selection as an add-on delegate as outlined in Section 31b.
(c) Review of the “Method of Selecting Delegates to the 2019 Massachusetts Democratic State Convention” with an emphasis on the new one ballot election procedure.
(d) Explaining that certain Democratic Party officials are ex-officio delegates to the convention and that they each automatically attend the convention as full voting delegates. The Chairs of ward and town committees are not included in the total allocation for their delegation and need not seek election as elected delegate and are equal to all other delegates.
(e) Reading of the letter from Chair.
(f) Highlight the Delegate Fee Waiver process.
(g) The nomination and election of Delegates and Alternates.