Oct 22, 2019

North Adams Airport Commission Meeting

July 16, 2019
Meetings & Notices

The North Adams Airport Commission Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, July 16th 2019 @ 4:15 p.m. in the Council Chambers
1st. floor at City Hall the agenda is as follows;
1.) Warrant: Signing of the expenses to be paid

2.) Minutes: Approval of Minutes from 06/25/19(.Fixed 5/21 wording)

3.) Airport Report: Update of Airport operations by Administrative Officer, Michael Canales.

4.) Engineering: Project updates by Peter Enzien of Stantec.

5.) Derek Rougeau: Tie-downs NE1 & NE2

6.) Brian Doyle: Tie-downs NE1 & NE2

7.) RFP: Request for Proposal Airport Restaurant

8.) Open Forum:

9.) Adjourn:

Minutes, Tuesday July 16th, 2019.
Chairman Jeffrey Naughton, called meeting of the North Adams Airport Commission to order @ 4: 15 p.m. in the Council Chambers 1st floor, City Hall.

PRESENT: J eff Naughton- Chairman Shaun Dougherty
Marc Morandi
Jason La Fores t - Liasion Dean Bullett


Paul Boillat

MINUTES: Approved


Old Business Update:
- None
New Business :
- None . It has been a quiet month, though there has been lots of regular and normal airport activity, with many phone call requests for airport information and information regarding the surrounding area. There have been numerous ATC tel -con s of a typical nature, with no emergencies.
Airport Needs:
- None
City Yard Requests / Resolutions:
- None
Ramp Tie-Down Aircraft:
- There have been some tie-down requests that the commission is managing.
NOTAMS Published:
- No ne
Accidents / Incidents:
- Non e
Complaints/ Reports Filed:
- There were a few complaints about the high-performance jet trainer that was here one afternoon, and while some callers were quite irate, all were dissipated


2018 Airport Maste r Plan Update:

1.) The first Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting was held 06 / 04 / 19 at the airport. Jan ice provided a workbook to the PAC members prior to the meeting including an introduction, existing facilities inventory, and forecas ts .

2.) 2019 Wildlife Hazard Assessment and Environmental Permitting for Perimeter Fence.
The City received a grant offer from FAA on 7/3/2019. It was signed by Jeff Naughton and sent to City attorney for review and signature. This is a year- long study that will start in September 2019.
Design and Construction of Perimeter fence will be under a 2020 AIP gran t.

The CAT skid steer w/ forestry attachments was accepted by the airport. Grant reimbursement paperwork was prepared and sent to MassDOT Aeronautics for 90% reimbursement.
Early discussions with Bill Greenwald about pursuing an ASMP grant to rehabilitate and/replace the CAP storage building.

3.) New Airport Administration Building Updat e:
Interior walls complete with primer coat.
Casing work & drop ceilings starting week of 7 / 22 / 19. Store front windows and doors have been installed.
Building siding approx.. 40% complete. Framing landside and air side entrances.
Block work for screen walls and entrance columns underway.
New 3-phase electric service installed and permanent building service activated.
Curb, bollard lights and dense grade installed.
Forming for exterior sidewalks.
Permanen t gate and fence posts installed in east side of building. Tentative asphalt paving next week
Approx. 2-3 weeks behind schedule. Day 254 of 280 day contract.

Derek Rougeau: Tie-Downs NEl & NE2 no show.

Brian Doyle: Tie-Downs NEl & NE2 Continued till Aug meeting.

RFP: Request for Proposal Airport Res ta u ran t Commission to vote on this August meeting. Committee members Shaun, Marc, & Mike C.

OPEN FORUM: Marc Candiloro had questions when are going to fix the potholes at Turbo-Prop parking lot. Mike Canales said he spoke with the City yard about this. Marc said he asked several times to address the problem. Mike Milazzo had concerns that the RFP committee only consisted of commission members. He also asked if the public can be updated on the foregoing plans of the Res ta u ra n t. Mike Canales said he would keep all updated.

ADJOURNMENT: A motion was made to adjoun, by Jeff and seconded by Shaun.