Sep 18, 2020

Board of Health Meeting

May 15, 2019
Meetings & Notices

City of North Adams
Board of Health
Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Conference Room #202

Approval of Minutes (March 20, 2019)
Public Health Alliance (Laura Kittross & Leslie Drager)
Mobile Home Fees
Amendments to Smoking / Tobacco Regulations Definitions


John Meaney

May 15, 2019

Members Present: John Meaney and October Cellana

Absent: Kevin Lamb

Others Present: Director Moore, Melissa Martin, Mark Bushee, Laura Kitross, Leslie Drager & Wendy Penner

Chairman Meaney made a motion to accept and waive the reading of the minutes of the previous meeting, second by Member Cellana. Unanimous vote.

Public Health Alliance

Laura Kitross and Leslie Drager attended the meeting to update the board on the duties the Alliance provides. Leslie informs the board that there were 5 flu clinics that were well represented this year instead of 3. The elementary school (Cole Grove) had a good turnout. They received a grant for Elder Services and provided Matter of Balance Classes for the elderly at the Senior Center. They received free vaccines for Hepatitis A and worked with Tapestry and vaccinated 4 people. Laura mentioned that in the past they had issues getting into the schools for the flu clinics but not this year. Member Cellana inquired about the measles outbreak. Leslie informed the board that they have measles task force and if someone were to call regarding having measles, do not send them to the doctors so they can possibly expose others, send them to her (Public Health Nurse), they provide kits to be protected. If the measles come to the area, there will be plenty of vaccines. The board reviews the disease reports. Leslie informed the board that the local nursing home has contacted her regarding the recent Norovirus outbreak. Laura mentioned that the flu was down this year. There are a lot of Hep C cases related to needle use and drug use. Regarding Norovirus, how many did not go to the doctors, these numbers probably indicate 10% of actual cases that were not reported. Tick borne illnesses are here (Borelia Minamoto Infection) They can provide us with materials as needed. Signs should be posted for the awareness of tick borne infection. People need to remember to check themselves and their children. Member Cellana inquired about any outreach that they may do. Leslie will do her first talk at an elementary school in Williamstown. The problem now is that its almost the end of the school year. She will come out if requested, maybe a garden club or something. Laura inquired about the back up for John (voting member alliance governing board) we currently dont have a backup but John will work on that.

Mobile Home Fees

Director Moore brings to the board an increase in the monthly licensing fees for mobile homes going from $9 to $12 per mobile home. Chairman Meaney asked about a public hearing, Director Moore stated that with the board of health recommendation it has to be brought before the City Council for approval. The annual cost would be a $9,900 additional increase. The $12 is set by the state and we cant increase. It has not been looked at in the past 8 years. Chairman Meaney made a motion to increase to the $12 per mobile home, Member Cellana second, unanimous vote. This need City Council approval an Director Moore will inquire with Director Meranti on how to proceed.

Amendments to Smoking / Tobacco Regulations Definitions

Director Moore provides the amendment changes for the board to review and vote at the next meeting. Chairman Meaney asked that Member Lamb gets a copy as well.

Reports (see attached)

Chairman Meaney asked if there were grants for information regarding battery disposal. Member Bushee will check into it.

The next meeting will be June 19, 2019

Meeting adjourned at 5:05pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Melissa J. Martin


Cc Mayor Thomas Bernard
Cc City Clerks