Sep 18, 2020

North Adams Traffic Commission Meeting

April 22, 2019
Meetings & Notices

10 Main Street
North Adams, MA 01247

April 18, 2019

The North Adams Traffic Commission will meet on Monday April 22, 2019 at 5:30 to 6:00 p.m. in Executive Session to discuss policies and procedures of the Commission for the benefit of the new members.


David Sacco
10 Main Street
North Adams, MA 01247

Meeting Minutes
April 22, 2019
Members Present:
Dave Sacco, Chair
Amanda Chilson, Secretary
Eric Buddington
Jonathan Beaudreau
Paul Markland
MaryAnn King
Public Present:
Marie Harpin
Benjamin Lamb
Mike Canales
Meeting Called to Order: 6:02pm
1. Joint meeting with the Public Safety Committee to discuss the safe traffic speeds in downtown North Adams.
a. Benjamin Lamb and Marie Harpin presented the 2016 MA State Law, Cities or towns may set a 25-mile per hour speed limit in thickly settled or business districts and a report done by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Lowering the Speed Limit From 30 to 25 in Boston: effects on vehicle speeds. (August 2018) Commission received. The adoption of this Law on behalf of the City was brought to Council in January. Voted to have joint public safety and traffic commission meeting, wants to bring it before traffic commission before back to council to hear recommendations from Traffic Commission.
b. Motion: to adopt the Title 14, Chapter 90, Sections 17C and 18B, motion second and all in favor. Public Safety Committee made a motion to adopt the Title 14, Chapter 90, Sections 17C and 18B, motion second and all in favor.
2. Motion: to accept March meeting minutes, motion seconded, all in favor.
3. Problem with 18-wheelers coming down Bradley Street making a left turn and getting stuck at train trestle. Signage? Requested by Ian Wilson.
a. This was a rare instance. Should there be a sign at Mohawk Forest? Although once posted, all streets are going to want No Thru Traffic signs. Signage already posted at East Main.
b. Motion: to file, seconded, all in favor.
4. Parking on Porter St. on both sides of the road. Requested by Ian Wilson.
a. The cut outs that were put in, which are out of the way of traffic, to help with parking. Have had issues with people parking too close to intersection with Ashland St. where they arenít supposed to park then becomes narrow and hard to see turning out of Porter, thatís an enforcement issue. With parking cut out street is wide enough for traffic to travel.
b. Motion: to file, second, all in favor.
5. Follow-up concerning metered parking on the east side of Ashland St.
a. Motion: to mend the agenda, moving this item changing order of agenda, seconded, all in favor.
b. Amanda read emails from MA DOT in regards to parking distance from crosswalks and metered parking distance from a right turn lane, MA DOT recommended an engineering study to confirm this. There were further questions in regards to reasons for parking and future Streetscape Project for Ashland Street. No representative for this request present.
c. Motion: to discuss at May meeting so representatives from this request can be notified and can be present for discussion.
6. Address Councilor LaForestís letter to council concerning the crosswalk on Brickyard Ct.
a. Mike Canales presented and provided hand out with data to demonstrate the recommendation of removing the crosswalk, crosswalk was put in by the school years ago. Crosswalks should only be put in when City is saying it is safe to cross and in no way is this a safe crossing. It is a non-ADA crosswalk and sight distance is improper.
b. Motion: to recommend the removal of the crosswalk with no further repainting, seconded, all in favor. This recommendation will be sent to Council.
c. Motion: to recommend an increase in signage, creating awareness of pedestrians traffic ahead, children at play, after removal of crosswalk, seconded, all in favor. This recommendation will be sent to Chief Administrator Mike Canales and Director of DPW Paul Markland.
7. Update the commission on information request from Councilor LaForest on parking fees and reduced fee request.
a. Dave read approved January minutes- that states Traffic Commissionís reason as to the suggested rate changes.
b. MaryAnn reported to commission a past meeting on parking permits and the stakeholders in attendance; she listed others present at that meeting in which they discussed parking permits and online parking across the City, and the rising of rates and prices for maintenance. These were taken into consideration when the Chief of Police made recommendation to raise rates.
c. The traffic commission is a recommending, the Council will make final approval.
d. MaryAnn and Dave sent report to President Bona to be addressed at May Council meeting, along with a copy of Ericís notes that he submitted to Clerk
e. St. Anthonyís and Center Street rates were both recommended to be raised at same rates and is included in report for May Council meeting
Motion to Adjourn 7:21pm
Minutes Respectfully Submitted By: Amanda Chilson, Secretary