Jun 19, 2019

Parks and Recreation Meeting

June 11, 2018
Meetings & Notices


UnApproved Minutes:

Date: June 11, 2018 @ 6:00 pm at Law Library City Hall

Committee Attendance: Rick Wood, Tim Koperek, Robert LeClaire, George Canales, Pete Wheeler, David Willette

Guests: Christa Abel (Bark and Cat North Adams), Luke Kessler (The Garden Pittsfield, MA)- Mike Canales, Mike Nuvalle and Larysa Bernstein (City Hall)

Reading of Minutes: May 7,2018 (approved)

Open forum: Dave Willette presented a handout for a multi-function sports wall, 45’ L x 10’H. He would like to see this installed at Kemp Park preferably on the east side of Kemp Park. The commission agreed to review in more detail at the next meeting.

Old Business:
A new rope was installed on the flag pole at Fallon Field.
Joe Wolfe Field: It was confirmed that McCann has keys for the restroom and access to the score board control. The control is to be shared by Drury High Scholl and MaCaan Tech School next season.

River Street Dog Park: The walking trail around the perimeter is not a complete hard surfaced loop, Christa Abel told the commission she was under the impression the City of North Adams would complete the loop. She confirmed that the city, mows and maintains the dog park area. When she is aware of any other dog park maintenance issues, she communicates via email to DPW Director Timothy Lescarbeau. She would like to see park benches installed in the fenced dog park. The commission reviewed that Timothy Lescarbeau may be able to assist in moving fences and completing the walking path loop around River Grove Park.
We will follow up next meeting.

New Business:

Luke Kessler from The Garden, bike and skateboard shop, in Pittsfield, MA addressed commission on holding a competition at the Skate Board Park in North Adams. Luke has necessary paperwork and will coordinate this event for June 24, 2018 with Mike Canales. The committee agreed to let Luke hold several more events at the skate park this year, provided the June 24, 2018 competition goes smoothly. He expressed an interest in holding summer camp for skate boarding later this year at the skate park. The commission will follow up on summer camp issue next meeting.

Adjourn: 7:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Tim Koperek
Parks & Recreation Commission

Date: June 11, 2018

Meeting will start at 7:00 pm @ Law Library in City Hall!

Open Forum:

Reading of the minutes from meeting held May 7, 2018:

Old Business:
North Berkshire Youth Baseball wants to use Kemp Park for practice and games for minor division.
Kemp Park pitcher’s mound and bases are missing. The North Berkshire Youth Baseball group would like to reinstall the mound and bases.

I have invited Christa Abel (River Grove Dog Park) to next meeting. The commission wants to follow up on River Grove Dog Park to have the walking track made a complete loop, general maintenance, and the fencing around park.

New Business:

The Garden Skate Board Shop of Pittsfield, MA would like hold a competition at North Adams Skate Board Park in June 2018.

Design Concept for proposed Noel Field Complex phase 2, splash park and other park improvements to be discussed by the parks and recreation commission.

Discuss proposed improvements to upgrade at Brayton Park.

Respectfully Submitted
Tim Koperek
Parks & Recreation Commission