Apr 17, 2021

Commonwealth Connect

Report Issues to the City

The City of North Adams and the Town of Clarksburg, in partnership with the City of Boston have been selected to participate in a three-year grant funded program to improve communication between citizens and their local governments.   Funded by the Community Innovation Challenge Grant Program, the Commonwealth Connect program was inspired and launched by the City of Boston. 
To use Commonwealth Connect, residents with smart phones will simply download the app and launch it. They will snap a photo of the problem, note its location and submit it; the corresponding participating municipality will receive the request. The residents then get a tracking number for their case and can see when their issue is
Citizens with a smartphone will now have the ability to immediately report quality of life issues using the applications Global Positioning System (GPS) to record the location, snap a picture and submit it for resolution. In addition to the mobile app, citizens can also use the web-based app that can be used on desktop computers. The web-based link can be found on the city’s website by clicking on ”Commonwealth Connect  – Report or View Issues” .
This new system will allow citizens to report issues which will be then be automatically forwarded to the appropriate department for resolution.   It is important to note that all emergencies should be reported by calling 911 and not reported through this system which will be only handling non-emergency issues.

Report or View Issues Online